Comprehensive offer of services

Comprehensive offer of services. The Electrotechnical Testing Institute is one of the Czech accredited certification organizations, which provides its clients with comprehensive services related to verification and certification of management systems:

  • management – ČSN EN ISO 9001 (QMS),
  • management for medical devices – ČSN EN ISO 13485,
  • environmental management – ČSN EN ISO 14001 (EMS),
  • management of health and safety at work – ČSN OHSAS 45001 (SM OHS)
  • management of information security (information systems) – ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS),
  • IT service management (ITSM) – ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1.
Petra Berková

Petra Berková

Product Manager

EZÚ also offers other related verifications and certification, such as:

  • validation of the environmental declarations (EMAS III) – Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council no. 1221/2009
  • verification for awarding the licensing mark ‘’Quality and safe Assembly.

In addition, thanks to its membership in CQS with a link to the international IQNET certification network, EZÚ performs the following verifications and certifications:

  • expert certification in waste management – SÚCO (ČAOH),
  • certification in accordance with the international SA8000 standard – Social responsibility,
  • food safety system certification (HACCP),
  • and more.

In accordance with our policies and the use of qualified and expert resources in the above areas, we offer:

  • our own certification procedure (certification audits and subsequent certification),
  • EZÚ certificates, and further CQS and IQNET certificates (these are valid on five continents),
  • situation / pre-certification audits (systemic),
  • purpose-oriented audits (process, product, etc.),
  • audits conducted in English, German, or possibly Russian,
  • training – interpretation of requirements,
  • training – internal auditors,
  • seminars, workshops, …
  • and related activities.

Take over of certificates from other certification bodies

For clients who are interested in a certificate from EZÚ and want to change their certification body during the validity of a certificate, we offer a regular accredited procedure for adopting the existing certificate by simple administrative way, i.e. without high costs and time delays. Only the next active inspection audits or repeat certifications are then carried out in the normal way.

A precondition for the adoption of a certificate this way is that the original certification body that issued the existing certificate is a signatory of MLA in Europe or has demonstrably met IAF requirements in another way. Examples are members of the global IQNET network or members of IAF.

Offer of CQS/IQNET certification

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute is also the founding member of CQS – Czech Association for Quality Systems Certification. This association is a full member of the international IQNET network. Therefore, we can offer you the certificate recognized in countries on five continents (Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Africa).Please see more – CQS

EZÚ is an accredited certification body for management systems:

Certificate of Accreditation, incl. annexes.

Certification procedure and conditions and application: Application (download under the offer for a particular system)

Questionnaire (download under the offer for a particular system)

CA and DA Procedure

CO Rules and Procedures