Quality and safe assembly

The Quality and Safe Assembly Mark was established in 2005 at the request of, and in cooperation with, the Czech Union of Electrical Engineers. It shows that the holder of the mark provides services that are of a good standard and that comply with EU requirements and that this fact has been verified by an independent third party.

The award of the mark confirms that the holder provides a service in the field of electrical assembly that is:

  • Performed by competent personnel
  • Safe and verified by tests in accordance with valid regulations
  • Implemented with the use of high-quality and reliable components
  • Done using environment-friendly procedures and methods that are safe for the processing entity
  • Requirements for holders of this mark are based on principles that are recognized in Europe for these types of services.

The mark is based on the traditional and publicly known ESČ mark, which in its original form expresses ongoing conformity of product properties with electrical safety standards and is one of the oldest marks of this kind in Europe.

The basic elliptical ESČ mark is positioned in a circle with the inserted text “Ecology – Safety – Quality”, which specifies the focus of the mark. The field of service for which the mark is awarded is specified by text under the basic ESČ mark.

The mark is one of the marks accepted within the “CZECH QUALITY PROGRAM”.


An application for registration of the mark has been submitted to the Industrial Property Office in Prague.

Complete offer for management systems can be found here.

Petra Berková

Petra Berková

Product Manager