Our approach to certification and audits

We provide specific services, which are primarily used by the management of certified companies, but the quality of certification services has been appreciated by other interested parties. EZÚ strives to provide real “added value” from audit activities on one hand and, at the same time, to create partner relations within the framework of the entire certification process, and cooperation on the other. EZÚ perceives the certification services it provides as true support for management and other interested parties.

Petra Berková

Petra Berková

Product Manager

Our auditors:

  • combine knowledge of system requirements with knowledge of the specifics of products and services and legal, technical, normative and other requirements related to the certification of products, services and areas,
  • respect the business environment and specific mentality in the Czech Republic,
  • are certified to conduct audits and constantly trained in the latest audit procedures and techniques,
  • are mostly employees in management and technical positions as well and so they can evaluate not only the extent to which system requirements are met, but also the level of integration into the organization’s overall management system,
  • ongoing professional training and thus offer the performance of audits in accordance with the latest findings.

EZÚ has experienced auditors in all areas of offered services. This way, a truly professional approach to the certification process is guaranteed on by our certification body, as well as providing our clients with high-quality services.

Along with EZÚ certificates, we enable our customers to obtain internationally valid certificates within the renowned CQS certification body with the subsequent automatic issue of the IQNet certificate – please see www.cqs.cz. We are authorized to offer this option because EZÚ is not only one of the founding members of CQS, but it is also one of the most important and most successful members of CQS.